The Power From Within

People are an enigma and so are their ideologies. In everyday life, there are moments where one feels completely feeble, broken, and despondent, and these are the moments when one should unleash the power from within. As they say, pressure from the outside breaks an egg, while the pressure from within gives it a new life. This is the principle that applies to our lives as well.


Great people like Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, Soichiro Honda, and many more personify this ideology of ‘power from within’ with a tremendous display of faith and belief in themselves, strong headedness, a fire to burn out all the complications, and to prove to the demotivators that inner power can revolutionize things. The motivation and inspiration that one can give to one’s own self is the most robust, enriching, and unique thing in every way. It’s important to realize that the problems we face are ephemeral and there is no point in worrying about things that can’t be changed; one must make sure that they don’t capitulate to the decisions of others, and behave or act as other people want them to; we should voice our opinions and enhance our individual personalities in every possible way. Live life to make yourself happy instead of pondering over what other people think. To be headstrong, and to reach pinnacles of glory is possible only when you decide to rise from the ashes and are

determined to fly high like the Phoenix. That is the power from within that gives us confidence, liberates us from all fallacies, and makes us look at the world with a completely different perspective, thus fortifying us in every possible way and enabling us to bring about a change we all want to see in our lives.


Riya Suri




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