Distractions During Exams

It is safe to say that almost every student despises examinations and studying during the “exam phase” seems more difficult than climbing the Mount Everest! In such a difficult phase of life, one’s focus is constantly shifting and getting lured by distractions becomes a major issue. While you might know about these, you’ve rarely acknowledged them. So, here’s a list of distractions that you might experience this semester!


  1. Wrong-Song


Does it happen to only me or do we all face the same problem? A quirky song gets stuck in your head and plays on repeat.


No matter how much you try to focus, whenever your mind drifts off, this song will always play in the background.

  1. Eat-Sleep-Repeat


The rate of eating and sleeping increases exponentially during exam time. While it is not really a distraction, but the constant cycle of eating and sleeping leaves hardly any time to study. And as we all know “the more you eat, the more you’ll sleep”.

  1.  Weather Woes


Seasonal characteristics become more pronounced than normal, they are given more attention than ever. The mind is painted with the shades of the sky; clear one moment and grey the other.


  1. Newspaper Nemesis


Be it a front-page headline or a random snippet, every newspaper article becomes mysteriously more attractive during examinations and ironically, more so for non-readers! Every saucy headline begs you to pick the newspaper up while the juicily written opinion pieces implore you to savour them.

  1. Hello from the other side

The “doubt solving” phone call session always leads to an infinitely long, never-ending discussion. Almost everyone has experienced it at least once when they’ve dialled a person for a purpose which is invariably lost during the conversation. Thus, the speaker never stops speaking and the listener never stops listening; the stories to discuss are endless and so is the syllabus.

  1. Simply social

The people out there on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and a dozen of other social networking-apps know it is very difficult to bury that urge to pick up their phones and scroll for miles on their lifeless screens. The battle against the devices is one-sided and the chances of winning are miserably meagre.

Now that you know what might hamper your studying schedule (if there is one that is), you are fully equipped to dodge the ‘distraction bullet’ and focus on the semester that is to come.


Best of luck!



– Sakshi Trivedi 


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