Dear Thatha!


1. ‘Thatha’ in Tamil means grandfather.

2. The following article is dedicated to all pampered grandchildren.


Dear Thatha,


I used to wake up to the chants of your mantras every morning. Tiptoeing stealthily, I would jump in front of you, startling you. The memory of that warm smile of yours remains as fresh as ever. I remember those moments like they happened yesterday! No matter how busy you were, you never failed to make time for me. I had always been your top priority. I still think of the day when I was pining for a new carrom board and how I was playing with it the very next day. I can’t think of any wish of mine which was unfulfilled by you. I was indeed a spoilt little grandchild!


How I remember your passion for machines! It was you who first taught me the definition of ‘dynamo’, thereby making it my first lesson in Science. Also, how can I forget those afternoons

we spent playing badminton, football, and what not! Alas, everything seems so distant now. You always believed in me and wanted to see me make it big in life. Today, as I learn different things in engineering, I wish you were here to discuss them with me. I ardently wish I could go back in time to spend some moments with you. Why weren’t mobile phones very advanced back then? Clicking a selfie with you will remain an unfulfilled wish.


Those times spent with you shall remain etched in my heart forever. People like you cannot be entirely described in mere words. Such was your stature and charisma. Those years of my life spent with you shall remain the best till the very end. You are alive in the hearts of those whom you have inspired.


Love you forever and ever, dear Thatha!



Nikita Iyer


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