Cryptic Art Forms

Curiosity is a gene that we all possess, it’s just the intensity that differs. We all are curious about almost everything in our life. We usually see something new about a particular thing and how it entices us within an instant. Being born as a human being, there’s a particular culture that most of us abide by, and change is the only constant, with every region, the culture changes. We usually read facts about such obscure cultures on our feed and get amused, but we never really delve into it. So here we will give you insights about the obscure cultural aspects around the world. So proceed only on your discretion, we won’t be held responsible if your head blows with awe.
This week, we will have a look at the obscure art forms around the world.
An obscure artform that has a complex definition and an even more complex nature. Here, the portrayed imagery can be viewed at its best only when viewed from a specific angle. It started in the caves of Lascaux for the lack of option considering the oblique angle of the cave. And now centuries later, still it prospers and is surely bizarre.

Perspective art:
Every art form is an Illusion of its own kind, but this artform abides by this statement quite accurately. This art form is full of illusions and more important it is perceptional. Persistent from the time of Renaissance, it still allures and bemuses the viewers with its style.

Reverse Graffiti:
Graffiti is something that we are all aware of, the usual form of decorating the walls in a rather cupid way. But reverse graffiti is the obscure counterpart of it, wherein the dirt is removed to give the latter a better shape, which in turn takes the shape of an art piece.

Light painting:
The most peculiar thing about this genre is that its creators did not intend to create it at all. It, in fact, was a result of another experiment that gave birth to arguably one of the most used and creative forms of art used in modern times. The art actually came into the picture after the surrealism movement and after the legendary artist, Pablo Picasso dabbled into it.

Warli art:
The style of art that was once only used by a small tribe named, ‘Warli’ of the northern Sahyadri ranges, is today a widely recognized art form and never misses to baffle someone with its style. It actually was a ritual painting that was the pride which was nurtured through the generations only amongst the tribe, until being widely recognized and getting a different face.

These were some of the many forms of modern, contemporary, and ancient art forms that we found to be cryptic yet enticing. Exploring obscure things is a chunk of curiosity that never withers, so we will be back next week with new aspects of yet another cultural form.

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