Beauty And The Beast

Tale as old as time,

Song as old as rhyme.

A beauty fell in love with a beast,

The one isolated in a castle, somewhere far east.

A story that I adore so much,

It can cause storms under my skin, with just a touch.

I love it because I too am in love with a beast,

The one that stays inside the deep horrors of my mind,

He can cause lousy situations if released.

The beast is the one who sees the real me,

As vulnerable and anxious as I can be.

He tempts me to do wrong things,

I’m his puppet being controlled by the strings.

He laughs at my imperfection,

When I look in the mirror, I see him hover around my reflection.

He yells and screams during the silence of the night,

Seeing me scared, gives him delight.

He taunts me, he tells me what I’ve got,

And he tells me what I’m not.

He gives me aggression,

And helps me get out of my depression.

Yes, I am the beauty and the beast,

So how can I kill the villain, who lives inside me?
Hashmita Mistri

LY Mech


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