Mumbai On A Standstill

On the 29th of August, 2017, on a normal Tuesday, Mumbai was tested by nature, yet again.

More than 300 mm of rainfall was recorded on that day. There were tired eyes everywhere, in search of hope, home, and hospitality, while vehicles were abandoned on the streets. What surprised me, yet made me happy, was that there were no helicopter rescues nor fancy equipment in action, but instead in play was sheer humanity.

Political alignments, social groupings, and religious clusters: all these differences were washed away by the torrential rain. All the citizens, out of their homes, were certain that they would reach their homes, a bit delayed, but eventually, they would.

What the media failed to capture, were the smiling faces of the people wading through the murky waters. Unorganized volunteers, belonging to almost every age group, offered tea and snacks with a smile on their faces. Religious places like Mandirs, Gurudwaras, Derasars, Churches, Mosques, and so on, gave asylum to all those who were lost.

The bottom line is, all these tired eyes had was hope, certainty, and faith that they would not be left behind, because there will always be a stranger to help you in this wonderful city of Mumbai.

I feel really proud in saying this, “Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan.

~Dhaval Shah



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