Lily Evans

Dear Lily Evans,

Forgive me, you’ll have to listen to a boring muggle like me. But for all I have heard and known about you, you are the supermom they all talk about.

You had been through it all. Right from being hated by your own sister for being a witch, to being unconditionally loved by a greasy-haired Slytherin. And yet, you were the kindest friend Moony ever had, the best wife Prongs could ever get, the one who would join Padfoot in his pranks, and defending Wormtail for the weird behaviour he would pull off. You were the sweet little student for Horace, and yes, by the way, he still misses the wee fish you had gifted to him. But most importantly, we miss you. We would have wondered this over a thousand times, as to what kind of a mother you would have been, if you could stand up to protect your son, knowing that it might take your own life. You would bake cookies when Ron and Hermione would come over, and on the other days, you wouldn’t mind a coffee with Molly, listening to the endless gossip she had about Fred and George and Charlie and Percy and Arthur. You would invite the Weasleys and McGonagall and Dumbledore and Hagrid over to your house for Christmas, when James would have decorated the house with little green mistletoes, wreaths, and little gold trinkets.

Harry misses you, Lily. We all tear up a bit when after all these years, he sees you in the Mirror of Erised. It tears us up that Snape loved you so much and you couldn’t love him back. Our eyes are wet because we always knew no matter how much the Potter family goes on, with little Albus and James now in Hogwarts, you will always be the part that was continuously missed. We will take care of Harry, Ginny, and their children, but we hope to meet you soon.

Love ,
The muggle who cries everytime he hears ‘After all this time? Always.’

~Brinda Ashar



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