The Color Red

I wish I could see you in red today,
Cause white is a monotonous color to wear on a marriage day,
Especially when you’re not Catholic!

I wish your fiancé was not covered in red today,
Cause blood looks good only while donating,
And not while tying the marriage string!

I wish you didn’t ignore my red rose that day,
For the costliest bouquet, you accepted.
But today, only lilies were used,
And the bouquet was neglected!

I wish your eyes didn’t become red today,
Crying for your so-called ‘Lost Love’,
Cause till today, you didn’t even know,
What it is to love!

I wish my hands were not red today,
Cause to put vermillion on you, all my fingers were not required!
Yet, you would never accept me, my love,
Cause red has never been your favorite color!

Kunal Bohra



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