We oft-times ask this question,

And end up with the usual assertion.

Why is it me always facing this irony?

Yet after facing it, why this agony?

We blame the circumstances and create a fuss,

While actually, we are the ones responsible for the mess.

Whenever we see something so astounding,

For a split second, our heart starts pounding!

We desire that thing from our heart wholly,

And hence, we start engaging in this absolute folly.

For the thing, that was destined to be with ourselves,

We forget the better gems in our baskets.

And despite having such fine wonders,

We always complain about the pretty junk that slipped through our fingers.

And whilst we are lost in this tragic maze,

Seldom do we recognize the actual case.

The tyrant who held us captive within,

Was just the ignorance, which we fail to release.

This is when it becomes an irony,

And with that, comes the agony.

So while the ironies continue to exist,

Will the agonies begin to cease?

So before asking, ‘Why always me?’

Stop to look if it’s ignorance or irony!

Param Davies,


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