Shield Kiska?

“Shield kiska?” is something we’ve heard a lot recently. Studies, lectures or practicals, we’ve kept all of it aside, just to play, practice, or cheer for our own department. Reaching home late is a tradition we’re all following nowadays.


Whether it’s the past years’ winners or losers, there’s a constant fight among all five departments. Shield is every group’s break time conversation, giving ample reason to mock friends of other courses.

Shield sports is one of the best times of the year. Each department has a sport which it owns and doesn’t lose at- the football matches being the showstoppers, full of entertainment, excitement, and nail-biting suspense, each match not failing to be anything less than a Rajnikant movie. Girls sport games have a different tale altogether. While we have year-wise teams for boys, making one team of all four years for girls is a game in itself. Let’s not even start about how hard it is for Mech. There’s also a stark difference between matches of boys and girls not only in terms of excitement, but also the scheduling. One change, we wish to see.

The highlights of each day are the Tug of War matches we have during the break. The only time we leave our food aside, shouting our hearts out to support our team. Being a part of such a team is an incomparable feeling, making you not care about the rope burns or friction wounds you get. Shield sports is all about the fun, unity, and the sportsmanship that each student acquires.

However, it doesn’t end there. While some burn out sweat running on the field, others dance it out synchronizing steps. Practising to achieve perfection to sing, dance, and act in harmony before a crowd of thousands during Symphony, and be crowned the winners. The teamwork and hard work of each department is reflected on the stage on Symphony days.

Debate, Quiz, and other literary events are the upcoming events, ensuring that all talent gets an opportunity to shine amongst the crowd, not leaving any domain untouched.

Shield is all about opportunities and chances every student gets to try out his or her talents before facing the world. It’s about building the bond amongst the extended family of KJSCE, welcoming the new members and giving a farewell to the old ones. The undying spirit of Shield is far beyond any of our understanding. In the true sense, the answer to “Shield kiska?” is “KJSCE ka”.

Greeva Shah, Kshitij Editorial Board


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