Skream 2018!

On your marks, get set, go!
And started running the entire row,
Yet there was this one guy who was feeling low,
Hit by obesity, he was really slow!
He struggled to keep the pace,
On the stake was an entire race,
Mocking were people, said that this is not his place,
But all he knew was he had many dreams to chase!
Running, running, he fell on the ground,
A whole lot of audience had he clowned,
He was screaming, but there was no sound,
A source of laughter had the audience found!
One participant slowed and helped him rise,
He knew this will be the point where his race dies,
But winning is not important when honour is the prize,
The true winner is the one who tries!
Smilingly, finished the race, the stout!
True sportsman erases all doubt,
Giving opportunity to the sportsmen to sprout,
This is what SKREAM is all about!
Kunal Bohra, FE IT

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