Friends Make Happiness Happen.

Friend, a term that we use widely in life to categorize a huge spectrum of people. 
From a one-time acquaintance or a well-wisher to someone whom we have known for our entire lives. When we hear the word ‘friendship’, we all have a bright smile on our faces. It’s like a flashback to the crazy things you have done with your friends, the fights, the hangouts, ragging each other, celebrating success, etc. When you look, there are many authors who have penned quotes on friendship, some great actors who have worked on the script of friendship, recorded a song on friendship, they all gave the message of how important it is to have a good friend in life. Friendship is one of the biggest assets in life.

Apart from playing with friends, chilling out, shopping, going on picnics, sharing your top secret, having a drink, clicking photos, there are some things which prove that having some true friends in life is the biggest of blessings:

1) They make every occasion or event in your life an unforgettable one and make sure that you cherish those memories in your future. Example: You’re going on a date and they are up with tons of advice, and moreover, they can organize things for you to make sure you have a pleasant and an unforgettable experience.


2) With best friends, you never require proper planning, be it a study session on the last night of exam, a birthday celebration plan, watching a movie, it just happens and in the end, you feel content. (I guess it has happened with all of us.)

3) You can be your craziest self with your best friends, be it wearing shabby clothes, eating food in an unusual manner, talking about random things, playing pranks, or terrible singing and dancing. Because you are never judged.

4) Commitment phobia doesn’t exist when you are with your best friends. There’s never that dreaded discussion about where friendship is heading.

5) They say life is all about priorities. If you are really important to someone, you are their priority, or else you are just an option when they get bored. You call your friend and say “I want to talk something important.”, even if they are doing some important work they will keep that aside and listen to you.

6) We all have that one type of friend who will always criticize us and point out our mistakes. But when someone else talks anything about you, they will stand tall to defend you. It’s like they can tell you anything but if any third party talks something about you, they will be a warrior for you.

7) When you discuss your problem with them, within minutes they are at your doorstep. “Don’t worry buddy, your problem is my problem, and no problem is bigger when we are together. Let’s have some food and find a solution to it.” These words are so motivating to hear from your best buddy that it really makes you feel that no problem in world is threatening when you have best friends by your side.

8) Great things happen when we step out of our comfort zones. It is your friend who will push you out of your comfort zone when you are nervous. They are the ones who will MAKE YOU take those odd risks. Be it any new travel experience, a new professional course, or a new start up, they will just say “DO IT rather than just sitting and planning.”

9) It is said that you can wear that fake smile and fool the whole world, but you cannot fool your best friend. They will immediately recognize it and come have a word with you. They are the people who take you to long drives, music concerts, or an adventure when you are feeling low, and suddenly invigorate you with a “London thumakda” level of energy.

10) We all make mistakes in life. The best kind of friends are the ones who tell you the truth as raw as it is. They are blunt people who never worry about anything else and will simply tell you things way they see it. It is so good to have such type of friends who act like a mirror.

11) Most importantly, our parents love our best friends, and are more relieved if we say that we are there together. You know how easy that makes our lives.

Blessed are those who have company of such amazing friends in life. Take this moment to thank such people who always forgive you, stand by your side, for those rocking hangouts and night trips, for helping you out in situations of crisis and most importantly, to bring out the best in you.

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY, a recap of the ecstatic journey.


Monil Thakkar


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