Somaiya Diaries – Chapter 8 (Koninika Roy)

“My parents knew about my sexuality way before I could open up to them because of the fact that I made it so obvious. I never tried to hide it. My facebook was full of rainbows, so they didn’t really have to ask me anything. But yes, there was always a slight opposition from their side. They couldn’t get over the fact that I had a girlfriend and that I was oriented differently in the society. My parents tried to tell me and convince me in many different ways. Sometimes they wouldn’t allow me to talk to her or would not let me meet her but obviously, none of that worked because I was a very stubborn and confident person.

I am Koninika Roy and I currently work with the Humsafar Trust. It’s been a long time from when I first realized where I really belong in the society and who I really was. I still believe that coming out to myself was one of the biggest struggles in my life during the time when I faced a slight opposition from my family and friends. The thought would keep revolving in my mind internally and suffocate me for days. I somehow wasn’t prepared enough to understand that I was, in fact, a homosexual person. I have gone through dark times and I have thought of ending my life multiple times. It was really difficult for me to come to terms with my sexuality but I think through education, meeting other LGBT people and going to events like Kashish made me somehow realize how normal it was to be what we are.

In one of my workshop I had been to, a woman there asked me that, ‘It’s okay that you are LGBT. Why do y’all have to keep talking about it?’ and I realized that, yes I am a LGBT person but the difference that society has created between the communities by marginalizing them needs to be spoken out loud. The reason I was talking about my sexuality was because I want to express it and I want it to be as free as everyone else out there. I believe to bring the change in the society, we need to talk more about sex, gender, and sexuality. These are the topics that are somehow considered taboo but we can’t ignore them. ”



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