How to fangirl over Kenny Sebastian, the right way

Kenny Sebastian is coming to Symphony 2017! For the sole purpose of benefiting our humour-loving Somaiyaites, we present to you the ultimate Kenny Sebastian-Fangirl Starter Pack, so that you are well equipped to handle his quips. 😛

Kenny is only comic in the world to have the highest number of fangirls in the whole wide world. (I don’t know factually, but he is my whole wide world ❤ )

Kenneth Sebastian (that’s right, the name on his birth certificate is Kenneth Sebastian) is a 25-year-old paavam (read: Super cool South Indian word, no meaning needed. Also see: Aiyyo)  comedian, musician, and an amazing filmmaker. He was featured as the number 1 young Indian to watch out for in 2016 on Buzzfeed India. Currently, he is on a country tour with his brand new, fresh, rib-tickling content called ‘Don’t be that guy’

1. Watch his YouTube videos

Kenny is a content creator on YouTube for almost 8 years now! He started off by directing, producing and acting in his short films. From parodies to commercials he has done it all. Here are a few segments he did which are pretty cool.

1.Brown kids answer stupid Indian questions

This was a tiny segment done by Kenny and two of his friends (he obviously has many friends, duh), Tara and Jaison, where they answer and even react to some videos. This was back when Kenny had long majestic hair. And also when he was more open about. Um. Stuff.

2. Kennysing4me

Kenny uploaded a few songs whose lyrics comprised of tweets which were tweeted by his fans with the hashtag #kennysing4me. By such videos, Kenny shows us that he is not afraid to show off his rapping and filmmaking skills.


            3 South Indian boys in space and ‘Yemma Watson’. Follow their hilarious encounters with aliens, planets, cutlets & trouble! The six-part production is surely a roller coaster ride across universes before it became THIS cool. (Read: Odyssey of Dreams)


2. Video Blogs (Also known as Vlogs)

Kenny is hardcore entertainer material, definitely, one of the best Indian video bloggers as he is pretty descriptive and has a slapstick comic approach to day-to-day items machcha. He also flaunts his #FilmySkills with picturesque cinematography and other Film-making jargon we won’t probably understand.

3. BreezerVivid

BreezerVivid is a show where mah man Kenny, Abish and two of their friends go on a crazy adventure around the world. (Ahem, coincidence?) It’s a show which takes the comments/suggestions section seriously. That is enough to make you watch their action-packed journey in the Duniya. They visited Croatia, Thailand, and Dubai and none of their two trips are the same. From bungee-jumping to cave-exploration to racing, they dare to do it all! (Dare to ….)


4. Show up for his stand-up comedy

Kenny Sebastian is one of the biggest comics in India. His acting, music and directing background help his act to make you laugh your organs off.

1. Chai time comedy with Kenny Sebastian

It’s the best kind of chai time you will ever experience in your whole life! That’s right, Chai time with Kenny Sebastian is like having chai in the monsoon, where an attractive machcha tells you about his life and has you giggling, with the small things which matter in life.

2. Don’t be that guy!

Kenny is on an India tour with his brand new material! He’s all about finding out how turning 25 will affect his life. Responsibilities, Relationships and Getting up at 6:30 AM in the morning, are all going to be discussed by him. DO NOT miss this chance to watch him perform live.


5. Follow him on all Social Media

     He is pretty active on all his social media fronts. From Twitter to Facebook to his blog, he makes sure that there ain’t space which isn’t his space.

Yeah. This was maybe the minimum amount of work an ‘ardent’ fan of Kenny could muscle through, not mentioning the frequent BookMyShow and searches for his sets happening in your city. Also, do let us know in the comments, your views about this blog, and any other message of wondrous wisdom from your end. Needless, you are more than welcome to make this space our space by sending us any kind of writing you feel should his public viewership.


Have an amazing Symphony 2017!


Saumil Shivdikar


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