7 types of people you meet in college

KJ Somaiya College of Engineering is unique, different and the best. Yeah, yeah, we know that, but KJSCE is like every other college when it comes to the kind of people who inhabit this amazing place. Presenting to you the 7 types of people you’ll meet in college!

P.S.: All the characters in this article are fictitious and a figment of the writer’s imagination. Or, are they? 😛  Let’s get started!

1) The Wizard

‘Bas yeh button daba, fir yeh, fir yeh, hogaya!’

Remember the lab sessions, the times when you thought you were Jon Snow because you knew nothing? You sit there, struggling, pretending to make the connections when the faculty passes by and you signal that friend of yours, the one who knows everything about the setup; who comes by, waves his hands over the experimental setup and VOILA! You get your output. The friend on whom I would like to confer the title of  ‘The Wizard’. He is someone who can man the CRO. The friend we need but the friend we don’t deserve.

2) Assignment Angels


Waise toh naam hi kaafi hai, but for the sake of elaboration: These are the amazing people who take the efforts to find the answers to all those ducking (Yes, this is autocorrect, I’m being censored right here) painful assignments and let you copy them. These are the people who come to your rescue when you’re left with 3 weeks of the semester left to save your pointer. And let’s not forget those kind souls who even write those assignments for you. (Because all heroes do not wear capes).

3) Apna personal Dabbawala


This person’s dabbas can give all the high-end restaurants a run for their money. Their dabbas give us the strength to make it through those long and tedious lab sessions. This person’s dabbas are the reason the entire gang comes to college. Okay, let me put it straight. THIS PERSON’S DABBAS ARE DUCKING (damn, censorship) AWESOME.  

4) Mr. India

Subject kaunsa hai Baa?

Well..this is the person who is in your class but actually isn’t there in your class. You see his name on the attendance sheet. You see this person making a comment on the class Whatsapp group, but you never really see that person. Until one day, when you are sitting in the classroom during submissions and you see a random stranger walk into your class and you ask your friend “Who’s that?” and they go “That’s Mr. India.”

5) Group ka selfie stick

‘Guys thoda yeh side aa jao, glare aa raha hai’

Yes, we all know him and we all have one. This guy takes the selfie for the entire group because he is the one who’s the tallest or the only one with good phone camera. All group outings are planned according to this person’s schedule and God forbid, if he can’t make it, there are no Instagram uploads for that day. He is the friend you always keep close to you.

6)The DSLR dude

Haan bhejta hu sab WhatApp pe, tension mat le!

These species are found in all the college events and are most sought out during the traditional and saree days. They are named after their shooting equipment, a professional camera as they are commonly seen with one and are easy to identify for the same reason. BUT, this species is very deceiving as it attracts the unknown prey with its charming shooting equipment, clicks a photo of the prey but never sends it to them!!

7) That Punny guy

“Iska kuch nahi ho sakta”

This friend is a blessing or a curse depending on which side you are. If you know what I mean. If you didn’t  understand, you will, in the next couple of statements. Honestly a friend who can do a ‘pun’chayat with you is a blessing. Punny people are creative AF because it’s not with a regular mind that you can come up with something like “I was gonna tell you a chemistry joke, but I know I wouldn’t get a reaction.” I hope you have understood on which side I am. And if you are on the other side, my advice would be, If you don’t have one you gotta get one. Get it?

That’s all folks.

Shikha Kandpal


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